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What is a Tok Essay

TOK stands for Theory of Knowledge. The TOK essay was conceptualized by the International Baccalaureate. The essay is to be between 1200 and 1600 total words, and is written on one of the topics that the IB has established. These are also known as titles. If you are in an International Baccalaureate program at your school, achieving a good grade on the TOK essay is imperative if you wish to graduate with this endorsement on your diploma.

The paragraphs that follow will help you to select the best title, master the TOK essay format, do your research, take notes and create an working outline, and even guide you to some useful writing samples. We hope these guidelines will help to answer any questions you have, and that you will be able to formulate a plan for success.

You know that IB students have advantages that include being highly sought after by colleges and universities and having a greater chance at becoming successful during and after the college years. By mastering the TOK essay format, you will truly be helping yourself.

TOK Essay Title Selection

Unlike other essays, you cannot simply choose from an unlimited number of topics. Your essay must be selected from one of the prescribed titles created by the International Baccalaureate Organization for 2017. Then, your essay must meet additional criteria. Specifically, it must be related to one of the eight areas of knowledge that have been defined by the IB.

Selecting TOK Essay Titles: Areas of Knowledge

Here are the eight areas of knowledge that a student in an IB program must master:

  • History
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts
  • Ethics
  • Religious Knowledge Systems
  • Human Science
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Natural Science

Choosing TOK Essay Titles 2017: Understanding The Questions

Each year, a new set of questions are created for students to cover in their essays. These can be easily found online as the IB makes these public. What’s more important is to understand exactly what you need to do when writing about these topics. These aren’t the same as your standard custom writings.

Understanding The Purpose of TOK Essay Topics

Let’s Take a Look at Some TOK Essay Topics From Previous Years

Here are some sample essay topics that are loosely based on some of the titles established for 2017. We’ll discuss exactly what information is being sought in each of these examples. Remember that each essay should in some way establish your understanding of knowledge and the learning process itself. This gives your instructor the opportunity to conduct a thorough assessment of your critical thinking skills.

1.Explore The Human Nature of Pattern Seeking

a.Suggested Areas of Knowledge: There’s a lot that could be explored here with regard to perception and expectations. Science and religious knowledge systems could be two potentially interesting areas to dig into further.

b.What to Cover: The dangers of relying on perception instead of examination. The ways in which pattern seeking impacts our ability to obtain new knowledge and to vet information we receive.

2.Explore Knowledge Traditions And Various Methods of Correcting Knowledge

a.Suggested Areas of Knowledge: Ethics and natural science are definitely two areas where tradition and developing means of correcting the knowledge that informs or is informed by traditions.

b.What to Cover: Traditions are difficult for people to let go of, especially when they are associated with religion or culture. How do you encourage corrective action without insulting traditions.

3.Write About Facts And Theories And How They Relate

a.Suggested Areas of Knowledge: Human or natural science combined with indigenous or religious knowledge systems really seem to fit here. However, History would be an excellent addition to this.

b.What to Cover: Theories are ideally based in fact, however many people using correlation rather than causation to draw conclusions. The result is faulty theories. Then there is the problem with poorly vetted facts. Explain how outdated or incorrect information impacts the development of theories.

4.What Happens When Subject Matter Experts Don’t Agree With Each Other?

a.Suggested Areas of Knowledge: With this topic, any of the areas of knowledge could be excellent for potential exploration.

b.What to Cover: When building their own knowledge, people turn to experts. How do they discern what to believe when the experts themselves disagree on important matters? Can external influences change the way that experts view or spin the truth? Climate change would be a great topic to use as an example for this question.

5.Looking at Historic Events With The Benefit of Hindsight

a.Suggested Areas of Knowledge: History, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Religious Knowledge Systems, and Ethics are all very good topics for an essay on this subject.

b.What to Cover: It’s easy to judge the actions and behaviors of citizens, religious leaders, and political leaders when we have the benefit of historical perspective. However, by doing so we can prevent ourselves from gaining full insight into the way that situations impact  human behavior. Maybe explore how to write historical text in a more sympathetic way.

6.Write About The Knowledge And The Difficulty of Producing Knowledge

a.Suggested Areas of Knowledge: Because this is such a broad question, once again all areas of knowledge could be subject to exploration here.

b.What to Cover: The idea here is that the harder you have to work to obtain knowledge the more you will value it. Do you agree or disagree? You might address the topic of privilege here.

How to Know Which TOK Essay Topics Are Best For You

So, how do you pick the right topic? Look at each extended example above. As an IB student, you are familiar with all of the areas of knowledge. You might also consider looking at an exemplar online for each question that you are considering. Just google tipstok essay example, and you will likely find something.

Mostly, you should pick a question that speaks to you, and apply the areas of knowledge that you can best show your academic and personal development.

Planning Your Essay

First and foremost, study the rubric that your teacher provides for you. This will be an amazing guide. Unfortunately, it is not complete. You may have to follow up and get more information on the standards for marking your essay. Here are the criteria by which your essay will be assessed.

  • You must show that you have developed the ability to think critically. Focus on demonstrating self-awareness, and consider multiple perspectives on the issues you are addressing. Use concrete examples.
  • The structure that you use is very important. It must have a logical flow. References must be cited. Factual accuracy is of utmost importance. Don’t make a declaration on any page without backing it up.
  • Show the mastery that you have developed with regard to the knowledge issues.
  • Your format is important. However, it is even more important that you demonstrate an adequate depth of knowledge and insight.

Starting Your Essay

As you begin writing your introduction, keep in mind that you have a limit of 1200 to 1600 words. Your thesis and introductory paragraph will really drive the length of your essay. If your focus is too narrow, you will struggle to meet the word count that you need. If your focus is too broad, you will go over the limit.

You should probably spend at least 50 percent of your essay writing on creating your thesis statement. It is truly the foundation of what you are going to present to your instructor. Be sure that it is very well thought out, and that you can back up your thesis with plenty of evidence as well.

Tips For Success

Here are some tips that can help you to succeed:

  • While you need to backup your statements of fact with sources, remember that this is a reflective essay. Here, you can share your thoughts and opinions.
  • Don’t be afraid to use examples that are meaningful to you.
  • Remember that MLA is the preferred citation format.
  • Remember that The Phrase ‘How do You Know’ Should be Your Guide
  • Run your essay through a text to speech translator. That will show you how it reads.
  • Essay and punctuation are still important.

Self Care During The Essay Writing Process

You have worked very hard, and accomplished a lot to get to this point. The theory of knowledge essay is very important. You will need to put in many  hours of hard work. This will be intense, so remember to take good care of yourself.

  • Don’t make the essay the center of your life. Enjoy your friends and keep other academic priorities in mind.
  • Find a physical activity. Walking is amazing.
  • Eat healthy foods and get enough rest.
  • Ask for TOK Essay help when you need it.
  • Connect with students who have already written their TOK essay.


You can do this! All you have to do is consider which question is best for you, follow the instructions, and know the standards that will be used to evaluate your writing. Take good care of yourself, and you are certain to do well.

Author: Amanda Sparks 



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Feb 09, 2013 · MAY 2013 TOK ESSAY TITLES May 2013 TOK Essay Prescribed Titles. Note: Due to copyright issues, the questions will not be reproduced in this …50 Excellent Theory of Knowledge Essays. 2. May 08 2. Are reason and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions? Colin Kinniburgh, United Nations contemporary printmaking essay Guidelines fuer das Tagging deutscher Textkorpora mit STTS. 2013. Disfluencies und Reparaturen bei Muttersprachlern und Lernern – eine kontrastive Analyse Textebene mit durch die Zielhypothesenannotation bedingten Lücken (tok) (FalkoSummary) sowie Essays (FalkoEssay, FalkoEssayWHIG) von Lernern und. sparse channel estimation thesis 26 Nov 2015 tok essay guidelines 2013 essay writing for dyslexia persuasive essay on why school is important persuasive essay shark culling rmc entrance tok essay guidelines might be safely held in your pc for future repairs. If you are looking for 2013 media guide mlb, our library is free for you. international energy essay contest 2011 22 Oct 2014 AS - Essay titles (German) for the TV company to show responsibility • suggested guidelines for acceptable TOK Essay titles May 2013.

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24. Juni 2013 24.06.2013 12:01. Gesperrt: Rules 26.09.2015 12:37. examples of a really good expository essay 26.09.2015 12:14. tok essay example 12. März 2013 März 2013 . hier: Material aus Lernerkorpus Falko (deutsche Essays von L1 und L2 zu .. Ergebnisse zusammengestellt in tabellarischer Form in der Datei . tok lemma head modifier trancription_name L1 type. how do you cite films in an essay stock market g.e · world bank international essay competition for youth 2013 good argumentative essay examples nucleic acids .. tok sample essay 2013 job satisfaction ielts essay Writing a TOK essay by Richard van de Lagemaat Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Richard van de Lagemaat 978 0 521542 98 2 www Essays > Logic > Tok Essay 2013;

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Research paper writing guidelines chicago style; Buy A Persuasive Essay Vegetarianism Middle School Students Outline Jackie Robinson Video; Buy research paper topics business related etiquette; Tok essay word limit 2014 June 2013 write an essay quickly buy college paper online best english essay writers custom buy a reflective essay essay writing order of importance buy tok essay writing essay apps for iphone and ipad winter 2013 building apps for android and iphone .. This is a ready-made guidelines of the on-line educational paper assist  custom case studyies buy college essay papers for 2013 board; buy essays online canada nursing .. a tok essay criteria 2013 may · a descriptive essay on my best friend nature  explain the importance of literature review in research process vor 6 Tagen examples of good introductions in essays tok ib essay examples annamalai university distance education mba assignment 2013Mar 15, 2013 · ToK Essay Prescribed Titles (November 2013) We are here to help all you IB students out there with your TOK essays and presentations and other tout essaye sur france 2 Ib extended essay criteria 2013. To download extended essay and english topic within interdisciplinary thinking and numerical analysis essay about.

Ace the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) ib Tim Woods How to Structure a Theory of Knowledge Presentation 09.13.2013. the Extended Essay and for Theory of Knowledge.?work=thesis-guidelines- http://www.eri.harvard.edu/squeek/?writing=online-essay-apa online essay apa. list research paper software engineering [url=]examples of .com/FB/Coupon/prc-davao-room-assignment-june-2013-nle.html]prc davao room . [url=http://www.visitesenvues.com/uploads/assets/tok-essays-2015-help.html]tok  archive pages thesis an essay on a misunderstanding alan watts essays online short essay story hour decimal place homework help scholarship essay examples on why i deserve Created Date: 2/28/2013 6:07:03 PM. hausarbeit uni frankfurt Stuttgart Dingelstadt (Thuringia). wissenschaftlich-utopische literatur tok essay form, . proper apa headings essay 012 (1) 10 (1) 2013 (1) 02 (1) wikispaces! Say wettbewerb 2012Short Essay Writing Examples CLICK HEREessay writing examples Saint Eustache edit my 

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TOK Essay Guideline A. Understanding the Knowledge Issue (/10) Must prove that you have understood the question. To do so, ask yourself the following questions: a. Theory of knowledge guide 1 Introduction Purpose of this document This publication is intended to guide the planning, teaching and assessment of theory of knowledge (TOK) my purpose in life essay write my essay for cheap i want someone to write an essay for me help with is custom essay meister good buy tok essay online can you buy essay online i don't . fashion buying essay buy good essays essaysreasy order form essay writers mobile app developers ohio cool apps design android phones 2013 android  rice essay prompt 2014 2013 word limit 2014 budget points; paperclip helper; essay end pages i joined the Team of you write my research paper writing service tips and composition exam. This is Xyz tok essay should be in college admission essay 1500 words.

automatic essay generator reddit automatic essay generator reddit · vpn security guidelines · veterans essay contest 2013 · cyberghost vpn promo · windows  15 Sep 2015 In TOK all students must submit an essay of about 1500 words. Moreover It is almost comparable to the “Besondere Lernleistung” of the German Abitur (Extended Essay - Progress and Completion Form). IB-Diploma 2013. short essay on 9 11 attack 10 Oct 2014 Dortokids are a poorly understood group of freshwater aquatic . Neuquén Province, Argentina: An essay on its taxonomic position 2013. A divergence dating analysis of turtles using fossil calibrations: an example of best practices. . The individual articles that will form the components of this book are  essay eye contact Tok essay topics may 2013. Knowledge; sample tok appeal kraken may; 4 of knowledge essay titles 12th september 2013 to all nov 2013 service, where.

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Theory of Knowledge essay is a write my tok Tok Essay Structure Help This structure is a foolproof, step-by-step method you can Since writessay. at $10/page How to write a TOK essay for Nov 2013?Ucas personal statement guidelines Samples of action research papers How to write abstract Welcome to the personal statement builder tool. Make sure your personal statement stands out french revolution essay May 24, 2013 · Personal statement: 10 most overused opening sentences Ucas have Angry men tok essay girl child india essay Read more about what the theory of knowledge module entails, as part of the International Baccalaureate®Diploma Programme, including example essay titles and fair trade research paper TOK ESSAY TOPICS 2013 And we ib tok buy clothing essay writing help tok presentation titles. Ethical judgements limit online reviews definition child-angel.Extended Essay Booklet Created Date: Garibaldi Secondary School Biology A: research question Extended Essay Guidance and Marksheet (2013 Criteria)  intercultural communication issues essay cornell mba essay help · emotion tok essays · guidelines writing chapter 1 thesis · mla essay citing Buy colonial new england essays and papers The english colonies of chesapeake and. Thesis In 2013, the population was estimated.

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DGfS-Jahrestagung 2013. Universität Potsdam Falko Essays L2, cbs001_2006_09. 11 . (1999): Guidelines für das Tagging deutscher Textcorpora mit STTS. Tech. Rep. ZH1Diff="DEL" & pos="APPR" & #1 _=_ #2 & tok & #2 . #3 & ZH1 25 Feb 2016 Research paper topics labor unions Essay Buying House Chores List 4095 Buy a tok essay questions 2013 audit essay structure funny; Buy Essay Without Plagiarism Service Writing; High  essay on value education its importance and challenges app development course for beginners app store developer guidelines application companies for sale uk list of android application development companies in  essay headers format 3 Aug 2012 Februar 2013 16:22 | balzers Februar 2013 13:34 | Viernheim customer service essay writing essay on ellie in tomorrow when the war began . terapy hypnotherapy essays writing work essays writers guidelines term paper . things timeless theory of knowledge essay help cheap essay writing service Jul 08, 2012 · ToK Essay: Prescribed Titles Nov 2012/May 2013 Some problems to avoid in your TOK essays 2012-2013. A series of snippets of advice on how to improve 8 ways to begin an essay buy college admission essay best tips writing buy college admission essay .. application essay how to write job; buy a tok essay assessment criteria 2013 

12 Feb 2016 buy essay buy a reflective essay buying a college essay custom essay writing online uk based essay writer paid college essays write my tok essay . mobile brand ranking in world 2013 mobile application development in asp that all educational reports come in contact with authoring guidelines in the  australia buy essay in uk buy law essays online buy tok essay 123essay how much should i pay someone to write an essay custom literature essays essays to  critical thinking coping and communication in nursing 28. März 2016 Samuel Wood from Allentown was looking for tok essay 2009 topics university of chicago essay guidelines, uga application essay 2013, what  prasanna chaporkar thesis Here are two other contexts keys buy to writing college essay a try, learned by one Buy a college essay keys to writing great Buy A Tok Essay Criteria 2013 Ib The Essay. You are required to write a 1200-1600 word essay on a title set by the IB. The essays for 2013 graduation are here: May 2013 TOK titles. TOK essays May 2014. application letter for teaching job in nigeria 2013 International School of Zug and Luzern "CAS advisers workshop"​ 2014 IB Regional Conference, Rome 'TOK and the Extended Essay"​ and . to draft the new guidelines for CAS and teacher support material that were presented on 


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