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Sports are a large part of society and often play a huge role in the education, employment and entertainment of individuals in society. Different athletes come from various types of lifestyle and it is important to consider the different factors that affect both the development of an athlete as well as any particular sport in various locations. Here are ten topics that may be considered for a sports dissertation.

  • Economics
  • Many sports require specialized equipment, for example, a swimmer requires a swimming pool. Quite often these facilities are not available to everyone in lesser developed countries. To what extent does this economic difference affect the overall global performance in these special requirement sports?

  • Culture
  • Many cultures around the world have their traditional sports, example Europeans and football, or Americans and baseball. How do these cultural sport habits affect the sporting choices of naturally inclined athletes and would it benefit the sport industry if a more widespread selection method were used?

  • Diet
  • The options of nutritional choices vary from person to person. In the same way that drugs are regulated among athletes, is it possible that regulating the diets of performing athletes can improve the fairness of competition?

  • Gender
  • Male sports tend to be more popular to viewers than females sports. As a result the prizes for winning a competition are often more lucrative for male athletes than females. How does this affect the desire of females to strive to become an elite athlete?

  • Sexuality
  • Homosexuality is more or less accepted these days and now homosexuals can participate in many sporting events without discrimination. How has this affected habits of athletes in team sports where it is common for males and females to be naked in the presence of other teammates?

  • Race
  • No one may point it out, but professional athletes appear to favor certain races over others based on performance. Is there evidence to support the idea that certain races perform better at sports than others?

  • Medical
  • Athletes are often injured during sporting performances. How effective are on the field medical remedies compared to that of a controlled operating room in a hospital?

  • Genetics
  • Some people are just born athletes and require very little effort to be more than average at a sport. How does this genetic factor affect the opportunity for the average sportsman to achieve greatness in a sport?

    15 Most Popular PhD Thesis Topics on Physical Education

    To get a doctoral degree in physical education, you should write and defend a thesis successfully. The first step that you should take during this task is to select a topic for your project. For some people, this is the most difficult step. If you cannot generate an interesting idea for your paper, you should examine a list of sample topics, at least, to gain some inspiration.

    A Collection of Great Ph.D. Thesis Topics in Physical Education

    1. The full golf swing: comparing computer-based and teacher-directed instructions.
    2. Skill acquisition in basketball: the effect of observational learning.
    3. Physical training teacher education: the integration of technology.
    4. Athletic training: using the computer simulation to measure decision-making skills.
    5. The effect of in-service training on the attitudes of physical education teachers.
    6. Analyzing the effect of a computer-based fitness program on students’ fitness scores.
    7. The usage of the video instruction to train female university badminton players.
    8. The influence of music on the step frequency of recreational runners.
    9. Practical blood flow restriction training and its hypertrophic effects.
    10. The responses of the overweight individuals to high-intensity interval training.
    11. Maximal effort strength training and acute neuromuscular fatigue after it.
    12. Physical fitness exercises and the core muscle electromyographic activity.
    13. The impact of the unexpected exercises on an untrained individual.
    14. The effect on female soccer players after consuming carbohydrate supplements.
    15. A comparison of different middle school physical education programs.

    How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Ph.D. Thesis

    Picking a research area is a very important step. You cannot just select a random topic and hope for the best. It’s advisable to follow these tips:

    • Choose an original topic.
    • You should investigate something that hasn’t been studied before to make your project original.

    • Choose a topic that you like.
    • You should be genuinely interested in investigating your topic if you don’t want to get sick of your project in a couple of months.

    • Choose a topic that can be researched.
    • You shouldn’t pick a topic that cannot be fully investigated because of the limits of the current research methods or the lack of your personal resources.

    If it’s difficult for you to find a good topic on your own, you may consult professionals in this field. First of all, you should ask your professor for advice.


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