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 09 Jan 2016, 12:24

When do you plan to write you GMAT? I started my preps about a week ago and it requires more hours than I had anticipated. I may take two weeks off work just to cram for the GMAT.

I did look at magoosh but I prefer books and pdf docs simply because I can read and review those on the go. Let me know if you find magoosh helpful. I will start my application process shortly, I have not even looked at that process.

Which part of the world are you currently from? I am open to work in any part of the world as long as its something I enjoy doing. In my 8 years of experience, I have come across all sorts of people and the one and most important thing I have learned is to not follow the dreams of others...but rather work to create your own dream.....

PM me your email and maybe we can connect and assist each other with the application process in the near future.....even some tips for the conquering the GMAT.

Good luck with all your studying and applications.

[quote="SergX"]Leaving all fluff aside, I chose IMD and St. Gallen because I would like to work in Switzerland / Europe after.

I am also interested in these two schools because they are industry geared and so I am. I spend most of my career working on large engineering projects, be it constructions or design, installations.

Yeah, just get the GMAT out of the way.

[quote="javksy"]Thank you for the feedback. During the decision making process I did think of q 1 and 2 and hence came up with the MBA plan.

During my research, I also found INSEAD to be the school for consulting and LBS for Finance. Those are two sectors that did interest me in the past but now I am leaning more towards the industry side. I really observe and understand how things are made and can be made better.

I have checked the prereqs for the schools. I will send Adcom and email shortly. I think first this is get the GMAT done and over with.

How is your application process? Why did you choose IMD over Insead? What sector do you want to shift to after MBA?

[quote="SergX"]Happy new year !

Congratulations on your decision ! However I would recommend the following before you decide to pursue an MBA:

1. Why do you want to pursue an MBA? What do you want to get out of it?

2. What do you want to do after your MBA? Where do you want to work? What industry? If you want to go into consulting you are better off going to INSEAD. If you want to go into finance and work in London, you are better off choosing LBS.

3. Have you checked the prerequisites of the schools you want to apply? You can send your CV for a quick profile check to the Adcom and they will recommend whther you should apply ro not

Good luck studying ! I also recommend Magoosh on top of GMAT OG.


FROM IMD Admissions Blog:Jumping off a plane…a new drug!
​There I was
at approx. 4000m above the ground huddled in a plane with two of my classmates –
Mathias and Thibault. And when I say huddled, I mean it….this was probably smaller
than the smallest plane I would ever dream of getting on…normally this would
sound like a scene out of my worst nightmare. I have the biggest fear of
heights and for years, I’ve dealt with the extreme uneasiness, clammy hands and
discomfort every time I found myself atop a tall building, a monument, a sight-seeing
trip, etc…..

So when my
French classmate – Steeve (who has sky dived alone only 35 times!!) – suggested
sky diving to me in September, he made sure I had a few glasses of wine in my
system and of course, inspired by wine, I said yes….back then December was a long time away and I
had completely forgotten about it until this past week when we started planning our trip to Sion!!!

But thanks
to Steeve and my classmates and my buddies on that plane…I made that jump and
here I am reflecting on one of the best experiences of my life….I’m quite sure
this was the first of a serious of sky dives for me….

The minute
we landed on the ground, Etienne, my tandem instructor who was latched on to my
back asked, “Vikas, what’s the most dangerous thing you have done so far?” …of
course, I answered this jump into the Swiss alps in Sion….to which he responded
– “No, the most dangerous ones are yet to happen…now that you have landed safe,
this adrenaline will become a drug and be the reason you do this again and
again”. I later found out that it was Etienne’s 2000+ jump….

But this is
exactly how a lot of us feel about life after this year at IMD….the drug is the
new found appreciation for introspection and learning but the good part is that
only great things can hopefully come out of this form of soul searching and ‘mind-diving’….


Vikas Menon

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