Sanmati School Indore Summer Assignment 2016-2017

Fee Structure


Fee Installment (4 Installments a session)
(Due Dates:- 1st to 10th of April, July, October & January)
Mess Fee for 10 months (4 Installments a session)280031803620385044004400
Bus Fee (optional) (2 intallments a session) [4000 X 2]
(Due Dates:- 1st to 10th of April & October)
Activity / Development Fee800880990110011001100
Exam Fee40044044075010001000
Computer Fee (only for students opted for CS & IP stream)

Admission Fee (Non-refundable, Non-Returnable)500050005000500050005000

Ist Installment for New students (without bus)144801533016790178901952020620
Ist Installment for New students (with bus)184801933020790218902352024620

Total fees for old students (without Bus)360003926045050483005440055500
Total fees for old students (with Bus)440004726053050563006240063500
Total Fees for New Students (without Bus)410004426050050533005940060500
Total fees for New Students (with Bus)490005226058050613006740068500

Important Information (Please pay attention to the following points)
1. Bus facility can be availed for the whole session only & not for the partial session.
2. Bus Fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case.
3. Bus Fee for Chhawani area is Rs.7000 per session.(2 installments of Rs.3500/- each)
4. Bus Fee will be taken in 2 installments.(1st in April & 2nd in October month only)
5. School Fees for the session 2018-2019 will be taken in 4 installments i.e. before 10th of April, July, October,2018 & January 2019.
6. Mess fee will be taken in 4 installments.
7. Cash\Cheque collection timings 9:00 AM to 2.00 PM. (2nd & 4th Saturday : Bank Holiday)
8. Penalty shall be charged as under, if the installment is not paid before the due date (before 10th of April, July, October & January)
Upto 15 days - Rs. 5/- per day.
16 - 30 days - Rs.10/- per day.
& After 30 days - Rs.20/- per day.
9. If any student chooses to drop out in the mid session, then he will be charged according to quarterwise , not monthwise.
(For.Ex. If anyone has chosen to drop from school & gives application on 1st of july,
then he will be charged full instll. to be paid in July.)
10. Board Examination fee for X and XII class students will be charged on actual basis.

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