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It’s no secret that YouTube is an English language learner’s best friend.

Because ESL/ELL teachers have been willing to turn the cameras on themselves, you can find thousands of lessons to help improve your English. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know where the true gold is among all the videos that show up in searches. Hopefully this list of 11 YouTube channels can help steer you toward some of the best ESL/ELL content YouTube has to offer in 2014. 

11 Of The Best YouTube Channels For Learning English 
1) British Council LearnEnglish This is the official YouTube channel of the British Council. Videos are professional looking and include skits of real-life scenarios. They also boast several animated grammar lessons.  
2) Anglo-Link Run by Minoo Short of the UK, this channel provides lessons that are several minutes long and focus on subjects such as phrasal verbs, vocabulary, and listening skills. 
3) JenniferESL When you learn English with Jennifer, you feel like you’re learning from a caring mentor. Geared more toward beginning students, Jennifer’s videos cover a wide variety of topics and include colorful slides and graphics to assist with learning. 
4) Rachel’s English Rachel knows American pronunciation. She has a background in classical singing, and she brings her expertise of voice and pronunciation to all of her videos. If you’re looking to “reduce” your accent or refine your pronunciation, Rachel’s English is a great place to start.
5) EnglishLessons4U One of EngVid’s 8 teachers, Ronnie brings a quirky sensibility to learning English. Her lessons are informative, practical, and a lot of fun. 
6) Let’s Talk This India-based channel focuses on accent training, correct grammar usage, idioms, phrases and vocabulary. With practical tips and clear instruction, these videos are a great resource for learners from any country.
7) ESL and Popular Culture This UK-based channel provides simple lessons to improve listening and reading comprehension. While most other channels on this list involve a person teaching on-screen, ESL and Popular Culture focuses on images and text to accompany audio lessons.
8) KidsTV123 These delightful videos are filled with colorful graphics and upbeat children’s songs, focused on teaching phonics. You’ll find yourself humming these songs long after your lesson is over.
9) Learn English A great resource for beginners, Learn English’s videos stage skits and basic lessons, complete with graphics, visuals, and subtitles.
10) Speak English with Steve Ford This channel is rich in content. Whether you’re prepping for the TOEFL, studying business English, or improving your conversation skills, Steve Ford’s engaging videos will help you reach your goals.
11) ESL Basics With mini-lessons on vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs, this channel is perfect for learning vocabulary quickly.
This is a list of over 900 English lessons.  You can click on any lesson below to study for free.  There are over 9000 audio files to help you improve your English speaking.

Click on the menu icon below the TalkEnglish logo to open or close the Lesson panel.

The Lesson Panel will contain all of these lessons in an organized way to help you find the lesson you are looking for.

Grammar Lessons

1. Singular and Plural Nouns
2. Count Nouns vs. Non-Count Nouns
3. Possessive Nouns
4. Pronouns
5. 'Be' Verbs
6. Action Verbs
7. Adjectives
8. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
9. Adverbs
10. Simple Tense
11. Progressive and Perfect Tense
12. Perfect Progressive Tense
13. Irregular Verbs
14. Gerunds
15. Infinitives 1

16. Infinitives 2
17. Active Voice and Passive Voice
18. Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive Mood
19. Auxiliary Verbs - 'Be', 'Do', 'Have'
20. Auxiliary Verbs - 'Will/Would', 'Shall/Should'
21. Auxiliary Verbs - 'Can/Could', 'May/Might/Must'
22. Prepositions - 'On', 'At', 'In'
23. Prepositions - 'Of', 'To', 'For'
24. Prepositions - 'With', 'Over', 'By'
25. Conjunctions - Coordinating and Correlative
26. Conjunctions - Subordinating
27. Conjunctive Adverbs
28. Articles - Indefinite and Definite
29. Interjections
30. Capitalization


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